Accessibility aims to serve the largest possible audience and has been developed by addressing the needs of people with differing abilities.

The development has taken a fully responsive approach ensuring content is accessible from viewing on mobile phones through to large desktop displays. It has been important to the development that we would not only ensure text is made accessible, but also that the viewing experience is equal across screen sizes, ensuring photographs focus on the relevant areas when being resized and that our commissioned video has transcripts available.

We have made every effort to make the easy to use and accessible to everyone.?We have aimed to make this site adhere to the following guidelines:-

  • HTML4/5
  • CSS 2/3.0
  • WCAG Version 2 (AA)

Please visit?AbilityNet?for guidance on adapting your computer to your accessibility needs.

Internet Browser Compatibility

The has been tested on most of today's leading browsers.

The has been tested in the following browsers:

  • Chrome?
  • Firefox?
  • Internet Explorer?
  • Safari


To support the sense of place and cultural experience of Wales we have a?bespoke typeface collection that takes cues from the Welsh typographical heritage.

The font acts as a unifying cornerstone of the visual brand identity, representing Wales to the world in an authentic and creative way.

We’ve built in a series of glyphs and diagraphs that support?sense of place and character as is required.

  • Cymru /? Wales Sans is typically used as a headline font
  • Georgia Sans?is used across body copy
  • Cymru /?Wales Serif is used across body copy

Our fonts have been developed in conjunction with an accessibility agencies to review and adjust the font where required.?

NOTE: A planned update of the font is due in Q2 2019, this will include further accessibility considerations and adjustments.

Photography, Illustration and Video

We aim to have all of our owned media assets accessible, this includes descriptive?alt text and captions where appropriate. Our videos are often hosted on YouTube or Vimeo where captions are made available.?

When embedding third party content in to our website we are unable to guarantee that all external parties have followed the same approach.

Ongoing Accessibility

Making our website fully accessible is an ongoing process and we are committed to offer a user friendly experience. Our approach is to use a combination of both technology and focus groups that?include users who have disabilities or use assistive technologies.

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